Canon MP145 error code e-5


ok gan, today i'll share how to fix canon MP145 code error E5
E5-5 = The ink cartridges are not installed or a non-supported ink cartridge is installed, or the ink cartridges are not installed properly

  • with the printer powered off but connected to power source, you must
  • press and hold the on/off button while holding the stop/reset button (hold down the on/off button until the power light lit green)
  • when the power lit press the stop/reset button 2 times and then release the on/off button
  • this will bring your MP145 to the SERVICE MODE (number "0" in the 7 display and power light is green)
  • press stop/reset button 4 times with :
    • the 1 time = alarm led, light
    • the 2 times = on/off button led, light
    • the 3 times = alarm led, light
    • the 4 times = on/off button led, light
      • ---> the number of the reset button pressing
      • --> 0 time green power off
      • --> 1 time orange service pattern print
      • --> 2 times green EEPROM print
      • --> 3 times orange EEPROM reset
      • --> 4 times green waste ink counter reset
      • --> 5 unplug cable power. (for MP145 / MP150)
      • --> 6 turn off power. (for MP160)

  • then press the on/off button 2 times(the 2 press will turn off your printer)
  • then turn on the printer and you'll see number 1 in 7 display and the alarm light not blinking

    use with your own risk.
    i used this trik and fix this problem
    if that step not fix your problem then buy a new catridge :D

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