I Wanna be a Game Designer [part 5]

Stuff to Read
Read A LOT. You should read as much as you can, about games and about every other interest you could have. As said, reading is really important for this job. First of all, here are some good articles to get started.
And then, you may find really useful these books.

Which Games Should I Play?
As a rule of thumb, you should play A LOT. Play everything you can, try as much things as you can and go deep on few of those. Don’t limit your gameplay to blockbuster games, though. Try to find the hidden gems. Use a lot Kongregate, take advantage of the deals in Steam, buy Humble Indie Bundles. Play board games as well.

Just remember. Try to play critically. Always dissect the games you play, try to understand how they work, deconstruct them. A good way to do this is to look for game postmortems on the Internet. Postmortems are documents that tell you how a game was made, why some decisions were taken, which problems the developers encountered. These are extremely useful for you.

Stay Up To Date
These are websites dealing with game design, development and gaming in general you should read every day (well, almost).

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